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Online bidding

You can place your bid online. In order to place a bid online, you have to register first to the catalogue. The registration is free of charge and without obligation.

Live Online bidding

Register at LOT-TISSIMO and you can place your bid online live in a running auction - click here!

Or place your bid online live in a running auction here:

Bidding per post or fax

Please feel free to also bid per post or fax. - Please use our PDF form which you can download here.

Please note:

The buyer's premium is 19,33% of the hammer price (plus VAT = in total 23% at the moment)

The catalogue prices are to be seen as MINIMUM PRICES. Bids below the minimum price can only be accepted under reserve. However, the bidder will remain bound by his bid for 4 weeks. For catalogue prices up to €100, bids below the minimum price cannot be considered. If the limit prices are higher, only bids up to a maximum of 20% below the minimum price can be accepted. For lots without a minimum price the minimum bid is €20. Please use the following form, if you would like to place a written bid. Written orders will be performed conscientiously and by maintaining your interests. The indicated bidding price will be considered as maximum bid, which means that the lot hammer price can be lower, but not lower from the minimum catalogue price. For lots without minimum prices the auctioneer will determine the calling price.

By submitting a written bid, the conditions of sale are accepted. The bid is binding and not revocable. Please check the given catalogue number carefully as it is binding for your order whereas the description of the object is not binding.

To submit a bid via telephone is only possible for bids starting from Euro 150. Please don't forget to give us your telephone number as we will call you during the auction. A guarantee that the connection comes about cannot be given. In case that a connection for telephone bids cannot be established, the minimum price has to be bidden.

Bidders, who are not yet a registered customer, are asked to provide references or securities. We ask you to pay immediately after receipt of invoice in case you won a lot. The shipment of goods is exclusively at the buyer's expense and risk.

As complaints are excluded also for written orders, we strongly recommend to inspect the items in person or at least to call us and raise your queries about the condition of the goods. We would like to explicitly point out that the Auction House Sigalas will not give any warranty for defects. The offered objects are used. Signs of age, wear and tear, smaller defects or any other signs of age will not be mentioned in particular, but they are already considered in the price. Toys are usually used and watches will be sold in the auction without guarantee for being functional.

All prices are given in € (EURO).

Abbreviations used in the Catalogue

o.L. - ohne Limit (without limit). Start prices are at the discretion of the auctioneer.

attr. - attribuiert (attributed). Indication of a possible artist without any approval or warranty

gest. - gestempelt (stamped). Brand indicated on the object without any approval or warranty

sign. - signiert (signed). Indication on the object without any warranty

bez. - Information about an indication on the object which might have been made from third parties, without any warranty.

dat. - datiert (dated)

mon. - monogrammiert (monogrammed)

Öl/Lwd. - Öl auf Leinwand (oil on canvas)

Maße bei Flächen: Höhe × Breite (height x width)

Maße bei Körpern: Höhe × Breite × Tiefe (height x width x depth)

rest. - restauriert (restored)

best. - bestoßen (pushed)

besch. - beschädigt (damaged)

min. - minimal

unwesentl. - unwesentlich (insignificant)